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Being the world class Xamarin App Development company, we use advanced and best software development tools like Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Insights to create multi-platform friendly native apps.

What is Xamarin App Development

Xamarin is a software company owned by Microsoft. This California based software company was founded in 2011 by the engineers who designed Mono and Mono Touch cross platform implementations of CLI and NET. Xamarin enables the building of native apps for devices in C# and F# by any developer. This will help to make great mobile apps easily in no time.

The Xamarin Developer Center uses all its resources to start mobile development that includes documentation on configuring iOS, Android and Xamarin Forms. This is done through video training or ebooks that will make learning mobile apps development comparatively easy and simple. Xamarin University also offers free introductory interactive mobile development training by Xamarin experts including cross-platform mobile development with the help of video courses from edX.

Xamarin’s Enterprise capabilities are also available in Visual Studio at no additional cost and also get a discounted access to the Test Cloud of Xamarin. Visual Studio subscribers can access Xamarin Studio by logging in to Visual Studio Subscriber portal. All mobile developers like C#, Java, Objective-C and other hybrid app developers can improve the quality of their apps through Xamarin Test Cloud.

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Xamarin apps look and feel native due to:

Standard native user interface controls are used to build Xamarin apps. Apps thus made look and behave in a way the end user wants them to.

Xamarin apps have full access to the functions of platforms and devices including iBeacon and Android Fragments.

Xamarin apps are assembled for native performance by leveraging specific hardware acceleration. This possibly cannot be done with solutions interpreting code at runtime.

Advantages of Xamarin App

It is possible to build better apps with Xamarin Studio by following certain steps

  • Type comprehensively: Android, Ios and OS X APIs can be successfully unlocked with the help of world class code completion. API functionality can be discovered by typing methods.
  • Discover Bugs: As your app runs you can set breakpoints, watch values change and step through code by debugging on a device or in a simulator..
  • All platforms can be targeted: Xamarin Studio gives full support to tvOS, Android wear, Apple WatchKit and similarity with Microsoft C# SDK.
  • Publishing apps made very simple and easy: It is relatively easy to publish and distribute apps within the Xamarin Studio to the App Store or Google Play directly.
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For best possible experiences with Xamarin apps, use Native UIs on every platform. If seen individually Xamarin’s mobile life cycle products are supposed to be the best. They provide the most powerful solutions for furnishing excellent apps for all purposes.

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