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    2Base is a full-service Interactive Digital Agency that offers creative, strategic and technical development of wide range of products and services including Technology Consulting, Web / Mobile Applications Design and Development, E-commerce Applications, ERP Solutions, IOT and Big Data Technologies as well as White Label Car Pooling and Ride Sharing Solutions. We work for startups and Corporate clients across the globe in a personalised fashion calling attention to the large and to the infintesimal requirements of our valued clients. We aim to integrate highly competitive technology to help businesses grow by acting as a bridge between the clients and their successes.


    Consultation & Solution Architecture

    We provide technology solutions to meet the needs of any business. Whether it is an application for your new venture or a revamp of the old website, our Solutions Consultants are always happy to help you through to ensure your business is at par.

    Technically Competent

    Our team is technically advanced as per the latest tech trends in the market. We use up to date technologies for building robust applications, both Mobile and Web. Read more about the technologies we use here

    User Friendly Approach

    The Web and Mobile Applications we develop our always user centric. These are developed in such a manner that they are simple yet sophisticated. The end user plays a key role in determining the outlook of our work.


    We believe in using the best coding practices in the market to make our applications stand out. The applications we build for you deserve the best code. For this, we make sure our coding standard is clean and efficient.


    We focus on delivering exceptional quality and high professional solutions in the work we do. We aim at providing cost effective web and mobile application development services and thus achieving mutual growth for our clients, employees, vendors and the organization.

    Strong Relationships

    We believe it is always about the people in Business. In the end it is not about the money you make but the people you have met, the beautiful connections you have created.


    Data Analytics

    We help our clients to quickly evaluate business data and conduct trend analysis by processing and visualizing enormous amounts of complicated data in a meaningful and understandable way.

    IT Application development

    We design and develop software applications that are tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of an organization.

    Business Process Optimisation

    Through Business process optimization we help our clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes which leads to maximizing their organizational performance. We do this by analyzing the existing processes, identifying bottlenecks or inefficiencies, and implementing changes to streamline and optimize the processes.


    We help enterprises in making their IoT dreams come true, together redesigning the performance of every industry. We provide the services for consulting, design, development, implementation and launch of connected IoT products which can be for larger audience.

    Digital transformation consulting

    Our Digital transformation consulting approach involves working with businesses to assess their current digital capabilities, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for implementing new technology and processes in order to drive business growth and stay competitive in the digital age.

    Enterprise Application Development

    By speaking both the language of business and that of technology, we are able to create solutions that far beyond our customer's expectations. In 2Base, we have a team of experts working together to design, build, test, and maintain the software application.

    Product Development

    In 2Base we brainstorm with our clients on their requirement to suggest minimum viable product, then we create a roadmap for the product development, including the overall architecture, data structures, and user interfaces. Once we are done with the coding, we measure the feasibility of the product using real time alerting, custom liaison, real time monitoring etc. and based on this data we do phase wise deployment.

    Product Engineering

    Each product is architecture considering the entire product feature roadmap and make each part scalable which make it easy to modify the features in the future or add new features time to time to cater once its out in market.

    Start-up Consulting

    We assist our clients with end-to-end software development. Our expert consultants collaborate with our clients to understand their requirement in detail and come up with effective scalable solutions that can be implemented quickly and seamlessly.


    We are pioneers, passionate and enthusiastic  


    Nidhin Baby

    Founder & Managing Director


    Midhun g menon

    Chief Executive Officer


    Anoop e

    Head - Projects & Delivery


    Rahul Raj

    Head - Global Sales & Marketing


    Simiya Naushad

    Head - HR & Administration


      A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.  

    Henry Ford
    Honesty and Fairness

    We believe great businesses are build on the strong pillars of honesty and fairness.


    We believe in leading with humility since we feel there is always room for improvement.


    At 2Base we believe in making money the old school way by working hard because HARD WORK always pays off.

    Pursuit of Excellence

    There is always a constant strive for excellence. We believe this constant drive makes us move that extra mile to deliver exceptional results.

    Customer Oriented

    We are client centric. Our clients are our greatest source of learning and projections. Their feedback has always been our motivation. Happy customers means happy 2Base


    We aim at working better, harder than yesterday. Creativity is thinking of new things, Innovation is doing them. We believe there is always a better way of doing anything.


    We are a bunch of youngsters who believe that it is less of “me” and more of “we”. We are a team ; If one person struggles we all STRUGGLE, if one person triumphs we all TRIUMPH


    Our Happy clients

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    we shape ideas !

    Our skills and services span across a diverse internet technologies.
    As a leading name in the industry, our commitment is to serve exceptionally with feature-rich services."

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