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An e-commerce platform for electronic gadgets, making it easy for customers to purchase & track at a single place, thereby enhancing their shopping experience.

Tracking Purchased Electronic Gadgets Online

Positionnow is a fleet and asset tracking e-commerce website. Here users can search and purchase electronic tracking products and even track their delivery status. Basically, on this website, users can perform fleet tracking, asset tracking, and personal tracking. This website is developed using the latest and trendiest e-commerce tool Woocommerce. Also, this e-commerce tracking website has a wishlist and cart facility that helps in enhancing the shopping experience as well as the tracking of the product.

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Application Features

Client Initial Requirement

The client wanted an e-commerce platform for marketing and selling electronic tracking equipment and tracking services. The web portal needs to be clean, interactive and user-friendly. Customers mustn’t face any difficulty in viewing and purchasing the electronic items and also in tracking them. There should be the option to place bulk orders from the website. Easy returns and secured shipping facilities must be provided to the customer.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges and Solutions

There were multiple challenges involved like developing custom extensions for requirements like bulk order, shipping rates etc. Even keeping the track of the product while it is on move and reaching the customer base was quite challenging. Price changes and stock analysis had to be synchronized.

What 2Base has done

Identified Woocommerce platform suitable for developing the e-commerce portal. The theme had to be customized as per the client’s requirement. Provided visibility across multiple processes and system so that when a customer places an order, he or she should be able to follow and keep track of it. Also, an order tracking system isn’t standalone system and must be component or tightly integrated with other systems involved in managing and fulfilling each order like warehouse management, sales order management, inventory management, etc.

What 2Base has done

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4 Months.

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