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What’s new about Google Update – Florida 2

What’s new about Google Update – Florida 2-min

An update to the Google algorithm is done to find out how high a website is ranked for various search terms. Also, it is often modified to tackle those specific issues which Google feels is affecting the search results in a way it doesn’t like or want. Somewhat you might feel like a dictator controlling his subjects. It isn’t bad but it does bring a sense of trust and availability of correct information online.

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Impact of Virtual Reality on Real Estate Business

Impact of Virtual Reality on Real Estate Business-min

Real estate industries are the few ones where potential buyers never see the real product (final product) before making the purchase, meaning in the physical senses. For example, if an individual intends to buy a new property, she or he will most likely invest earlier when the construction of the space or building is going on so that they can get a better deal…

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How AI & Business go Hand-In-Hand?

How AI & Business go Hand-In-Hand-min

One thing about AI which you can’t disagree is that it will reshape how all of us live and even have a deep impact on the work we do. Humanity will benefit to a great extent as people will waste less, live longer, work smarter, have a better understanding and will be able to predict anything which can be measured…

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